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Things You Didn't Know About Portugal [Video]

We share interesting Portugal Facts and how the Portuguese culture has spread around the world as a result of cultural diffusion to the global community.


We share Portugal Facts in regards to their history, Portugal's cultural diffusion of ideas, inventions and people. We also identify famous Americans of Portuguese descent and famous people from Portugal in history and in the present. A one stop shop for Portugal facts and their impact on the world.


Video Credit: Global Community

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Maria - 1 year ago
My beautifull Portugal..I love this video .I learn so much
Great to hear Maria. 🙂
1 year ago (+2) (-0)
Germano Pinto Lobo
Germano Pinto Lobo - 1 year ago
in June 2022 i will be in Lisbon and will i think i will refresh my memory . I do Love Portugal .
Ernest Costa
Ernest Costa - 1 year ago
Awesome video! Learned so much that I did not know. Very enlightening! ❤️