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Local Foods to Try While in Algarve [Video]

Trying Portuguese Food in the Algarve. It's our final day here in Portugal and we through we would head out and try some of the local Portugal food.


To start the tour, we headed out to the Faro market, a local gathering of fresh fish, veggies and cheeses. Exploring and making our way through the market we tried food that is essential for Algarve meals, goats cheese, black pig, fava beans and figs before trying some delicious prawns.


Even though we tried Pastel de Nata up in Lisbon, we found a much tastier and more traditional way of eating them here - adding cinnamon on top.


We then headed out to a restaurant called Taska to try some dishes including:

- Arroz de lingueirao which is razor clam rice

- Xarem which is the poor peoples food made with corn flour and clams

- Ameijoas which is the clams

- Muxama which is the Tuna jerky


Afterwards we explored the local town where we tried Dom rodrigo and algarvian sweet made with eggs, caramel, almonds and cinnamon before ending our trip with torta de laranja - the orange cake.


Video Credit: Flying The Nest

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