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 Top 5 Portuguese Recipes for Your Next BBQ

Top 5 Portuguese Recipes for Your Next BBQ

Here's some recipe ideas for your next family BBQ, this list was put together by my son Michael.

Portuguese Chicken Burger Recipe
Fire up your grill and cook the tasty garlic, chili and lemon marinated chicken for this burger. This is the perfect recipe for your next backyard BBQ.


Portuguese Simple BBQ Chicken Recipe
Most people’s mouths water when they hear that Portuguese chicken will be there. Don’t disappoint. Whip up this classic but delicious recipe that will have your guests talking for a while.


Portuguese Griddle Grilled Sardines Recipe
If this is more of a little backyard family festa, you can’t go wrong with grilled sardines. These tasty and crispy grilled sardines (sardinhas grelhadas) are ready in just 20 minutes. You can grill them on a griddle or on a BBQ.


Portuguese Black Bean & Kale Salad Recipe

As much as we love to eat meat and fish, we’ll need some complimentary sides to fill the plate. This Portuguese salad combines fried breadcrumbs, beans and vegetables for a delicious yet familiar restaurant quality flavor.


Portuguese Grilled Tuna Recipe
This Portuguese grilled tuna (atum grelhado) recipe is simple to make, tasty and very healthy, and pairs well with vegetables.


This list was compiled by: Michael Costa

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