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Trying Portuguese Food for the First Time [Reaction Video]

Mon, May 30, 2022
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Steve Cha (aka Rockstar Eater) tries Portuguese food for the first time, at Natas Pastries in Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles, California).

Not too many people know about Portuguese cuisine, and there aren’t that many Portuguese restaurants in Los Angeles. In fact, Natas Pastries is the only Portuguese restaurant and bakery in LA! Natas Pastries started in 2005, and has an impressive food selection, from its pastries like the natas and pao de deus, to its full restaurant menu, including Bacalhau, Francesinha, and Chourico Assado!

So what is Portuguese food like? Is it tasty? Find out in this episode as Rockstar Eater shows you traditional Portuguese food, eating Portuguese food mukbang style, and shows you his Portuguese food reaction! 

Video Credit: Rockstar Eater

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Carol Keith
Carol Keith - 1 year ago
It is NOT chorizo!!! It is Portuguese and it is Chourico damn it!!!
Unfortunately, some people will never get it right Carol.
1 year ago (+1) (-1)