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All About Cozido à Portuguesa (Boiled Meal)

All About Cozido à Portuguesa (Boiled Meal)

Do you know what the popular cozido à portuguesa (boiled meal) is and what it contains?

Cozido à portuguesa is traditional Portuguese boiled meal. Numerous regional variations exist throughout Portugal, and the dish is considered part of the Portuguese heritage, as well as one of the national dishes of Portugal.


Cozido à portuguesa is prepared with a multitude of  vegetables (cabbages, beans, potatoes, carrots, turnips, rice), meat (chicken, pork ribs, bacon, pork ear and trotters, various parts of beef), and smoked sausages (chouriço, farinheira, morcela, and blood sausage), among others. It is traditionally spiced with a fair amount of red pepper paste, white pepper and cinnamon.


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