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Video Credit: Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay's Version of the Portuguese Bifana

Wed, Aug 24, 2022
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Gordon Ramsay's version of the Portuguese bifana, what do you think? Get Portuguese ingredients


Aureliana - 6 months ago
A fancier Bifana! I love it. I think there’s room for all the versions out there.
Janet - 6 months ago
I'm sure it's good but no where anything like a traditional bifana.
Sarah - 9 months ago
Not like any bifana I have seen and I have lived in Portugal for 10 years.
Mary Garanito
Mary Garanito - 1 year ago
Not a bifana! G Ramsey should stick to his British cooking and leave the iconic Portuguese recipes to us!
Cathy - 1 year ago
I like the fact that the pork is marinated but not stewed but it doesn’t look like any bifana I have ever had . It would be interesting to try, tho’.
John R
John R - 1 year ago
Epa! avó would like a word with you, Gordon.