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Portuguese Sweet Bread (Massa Sovada)

Tue, Dec 27, 2022
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On this video, Nancy from DIYwithnancyg shows you how to make the popular and delicious Portuguese sweet bread (massa sovada). Get Portuguese ingredients


Pam - 10 months ago
Ed. Is the temp305 or 350
Hi Pam, she says 305F for 1 hour.
10 months ago
Beverly Ristuccia
Beverly Ristuccia - 10 months ago
Where are the directions for the massa sovada? Only the ingredients are listed
Hi Beverly, you have to watch the video for the directions, this is a video post, not a recipe.
10 months ago
kathleen Areias
kathleen Areias - 1 year ago
Hi, Nancy-- My grandmother used to make Massa Sovada and hers was the best! Your video is very helpful and it appears to be close to what I remember her doing. My Mother and I made it also, but that was 50 years ago, and frankly, i don't remember the details and my recipe is not very exacting. Thank you for this helpful guide. I have a few questions: One is do you know how to make the little bird-shaped mini buns? She used to make them for all of us grandchildren (she had about 30 of us) and she also made sweet bread in a pan that pulled apart into little rolls. Do you roll smaller balls in butter and then put them in the pan together? She was an amazing cook and I wish I would have filmed her. Her Malasadas (we called them Filhoses) were amazing also. By the way, our family is from Terceira. Where did yours come from? Thank you for your video. I will let you know how it turned out. Cheers, Kathleen Areias
Hi Kathleen.

First, thank you for your questions.

I have to start by saying that our grandmothers had a special and unique way of baking and cooking.

I have not made the birdie buns yet….But I know what you are referring to as quite a few friends of mine are from Terceira. I know know them as “bicos de pao”

Yes I have made the pull apart Massa Sovada in a pan. They are not dipped in butter though.

Thank you and I hope I answered your questions.


1 year ago