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Nancy's Portuguese Almond Tarts

Fri, Feb 17, 2023
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On this video, Nancy shows you how to make delicious Portuguese almond tarts (queijadas de amêndoa). Get Portuguese ingredients


Reta - 1 year ago
Hi there my name is Reta, I am Portuguese although I don’t read Portuguese or hardly understand Portuguese different dialects…? I would like a print out of this recipe sometimes I don’t have the option of the video if I could read it as I’m doing the recipe that would be so great if you wouldn’t mind sharing your recipe with me I love the idea that you use almond flour I am on the keto diet and I do want to convert Portuguese recipes into keto as much as I possibly can. And I can’t believe that this recipe is already made with almond flour. Is this something you or has it always been made with almond flour? Would love to hear your reply thank you in advance.