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How to Get Rid of Fish Smell in Your Home

How to Get Rid of Fish Smell in Your Home

Fish is delicious and nutritious, but it can really make your home stink sometimes, here is a tip on how to get rid of fish smell in your home.
  • Turn on the kitchen fan while the fish cooks.
  • Hang a wet towel on the stove and leave it while the fish cooks.
  • Tightly wrap the leftover fish and put it away.
  • Take out the trash, but you can still smell the fish, try this:
  1. Heat a small pot with about 1 cup of water and 3 cinnamon sticks and the peel from 1 orange.
  2. Once it comes to a boil, turn down the temperature and let it simmer.

This also works with bacon and other foods.

Good luck.

Recipe Credit: Paula Costa
Photo Credit: creativehealthyfamily.com
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