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How to Make a Tosta Mista Sandwich

Sun, Nov 12, 2023
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How to make a tosta mista sandwich, a popular Portuguese and Brazilian sandwich that consists of ham and cheese toasted between two slices of bread.


  1. 2 slices of white bread (pao caseiro) you can also use a Portuguese bun (papo-seco) 
  2. Cooked ham or black forest ham
  3. Havarti Cheese 
  4. 1 teaspoon of unsalted butter

Watch the video for directions.

A simple and delicious snack or light meal that can be found in cafes, bakeries, and restaurants in both Portugal and Brazil.

To make a tosta mista, you typically start with two slices of bread and place slices of ham and cheese between them. The sandwich can be made with various types of bread, but it's often made with white bread. Some people like to add a little butter to the outside of the bread before toasting it, which gives the sandwich a crispy and buttery exterior. The tosta mista is then toasted or grilled until the bread is crispy and the cheese is melted. It's often served hot and can be enjoyed as a quick and satisfying snack or a light meal.

While the basic tosta mista includes ham and cheese, there are variations that incorporate other ingredients such as tomatoes, oregano, and even fried eggs to create different flavors and textures. It's a versatile sandwich that can be customized to suit individual preferences.

A "tosta mista" sandwich, also known as a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. There are numerous reasons why it's considered so delicious. Here are 30 reasons why people love a tosta mista:

  1. The combination of crispy, toasted bread and melty cheese is irresistible.
  2. It's a comfort food that reminds many people of their childhood.
  3. The simplicity of the ingredients makes it easy to appreciate.
  4. The savory and salty flavors of ham and cheese complement each other perfectly.
  5. The toasting process enhances the overall texture and taste.
  6. It's quick and easy to make, making it a convenient meal or snack option.
  7. The aroma of grilled cheese and ham is mouthwatering.
  8. The contrast between the warm, gooey interior and the crunchy exterior is delightful.
  9. It's a versatile sandwich that can be customized with various types of bread, cheese, and ham.
  10. The cheese often oozes out when you take a bite, creating a satisfying experience.
  11. Tosta mista can be served as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner option.
  12. It's a satisfying and filling sandwich.
  13. The ham adds a subtle smokiness and saltiness to the sandwich.
  14. The simplicity of the ingredients allows the flavors to shine through.
  15. It's a budget-friendly option for those on a tight budget.
  16. You can dip it in sauces like ketchup or mayonnaise for extra flavor.
  17. Tosta mista pairs well with a variety of side dishes, such as soup or salad.
  18. It's a great option for using up leftover ham and cheese.
  19. The golden-brown, crispy exterior is visually appealing.
  20. It's a popular menu item in cafes and diners around the world.
  21. The toasting process can enhance the cheese's creaminess.
  22. Tosta mista is a crowd-pleaser that appeals to people of all ages.
  23. It's a quick and satisfying option for a midnight snack.
  24. The combination of hot and cold elements in the sandwich is enjoyable.
  25. It's a classic example of comfort food that brings a sense of nostalgia.
  26. Tosta mista can be served with pickles or other condiments for added flavor.
  27. The balance between the ham and cheese ensures a harmonious taste.
  28. It's a versatile canvas for experimentation with different cheese and ham varieties.
  29. The sandwich is easy to eat on the go or as a takeaway option.
  30. Tosta mista can be enjoyed as a simple pleasure or elevated with gourmet ingredients.

Video Credit: DIYwithnancyg

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