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How They Make The Original Custard Tarts

Sun, Mar 6, 2022
Views: 11969 How They Make The Original Custard Tarts
How this 183 year old Portuguese café in Belem, Portugal makes the famous and original custard tarts. Get Portuguese ingredients


Gae - 1 year ago
I've been there. They are the best! Others only try to copy them, but they are not the same.
Dorothy Oliveira
Dorothy Oliveira - 1 year ago
In San Jose you can get some. Pasterlaria Adega 30 E. Santa Clara St. #130 San José, CA 95113
Joe - 1 year ago
Had 2 today... so glad I live in a city with dozens of awesome Portuguese bakeries and restaurants
Joe, what city? Please and thank you.
1 year ago
s pereira
s pereira - 1 year ago
this is no longer true i buy them at a local bakery in mass been doing that for years same flour same filling
It is true s pereira, the originals are from a fabrica de pasteis de belem, everything else , as good as it might be, just isn't the same.
1 year ago