Portuguese Recipes is a collection of popular Portuguese food recipes from mainland Portugal, the Azores, Madeira and around the world.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Beef [34]

  • Portuguese Ox Tail Recipe
    The tail is one of the most flavorful parts of beef and can be stewed in several ways, serve width mashed potatoes, baked potatoes or baked sweet potatoes.
    Views: 1958
  • Porto Style Stewed Beef Tongue Recipe
    You will be surprised with how flavorful, comforting and addictive this Porto style stewed beef toungue (língua de vaca estufada) is.
    Views: 927
  • Portuguese House Steak Sauce Recipe
    Pour this delicious Portuguese house steak sauce over the steak while you cook it or after, it's great for dipping your steak and fries.
    Views: 16539
  • Portuguese Prego Sandwich Recipe
    This Portuguese prego sandwich is one of the most popular and widely eaten sandwich in Portuguese cuisine for many years.
    Views: 15993
  • Portuguese Beef Croquettes Recipe
    These Portuguese beef croquettes (croquetes de carne) can be made with just about any type of meat, these ones use beef, they are perfect on their own or as a side dish.
    Views: 13066
  • Portuguese Marinated Beef Skewers Recipe
    These Portuguese marinated beef skewers (espetadas) most typically use beef, although you can use other meats and vegetables. They are seasoned with typical Portuguese ingredients and cooked over open flames so you...
    Views: 9252
  • Portuguese Steak with an Egg on Horseback Recipe
    Portuguese steak with an egg on horseback (bife com ovo a cavalo) is one of the most popular dishes in Portuguese cuisine, it's delicious and simple to prepare, serve with rice and vegetables or a small salad on the...
    Views: 14914
  • Portuguese Liver with Onions Recipe
    This is a simple and easy to make Portuguese liver with onions recipe (receita de fígado com cebolada), it is a popular and traditional dish.
    Views: 10360
  • Portuguese Braised Veal Recipe
    This recipe for Portuguese braised veal (vitela estufada) makes a delicious meal for four people.
    Views: 13898
  • Steaks with Madeira Sauce Recipe
    Serve these delicious steaks with Madeira sauce and mushrooms (bife com molho Madeira e cogumelos) with fries.
    Views: 25111
  • Portuguese Allspice Mix Recipe
    This Portuguese allspice mix from chef Sean Telo from Brooklyn, NY, will add a kick of flavor to your dishes.
    Views: 29400
  • Lasagna Recipe
    This delicious lasagna is great for a potluck or a meal for the family.
    Views: 23609

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