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Portuguese Leite Creme Recipe

Portuguese Leite Creme Recipe

This absolutely delicious recipe for Portuguese leite creme takes less than 30 minutes to make.

Preparation time 10 min
Cooking Time 15 min
Ready In 25 min
Level of DifficultyVery Easy

Leite creme is a traditional Portuguese dessert, also known as "creme brulee" or "Portuguese custard." It is a creamy, sweet dessert made with a mixture of milk, sugar, egg yolks, and cornstarch. The ingredients are cooked together over low heat until thickened, and then poured into ramekins or small dishes to cool and set.

Before serving, the leite creme is usually sprinkled with sugar and caramelized with a torch or under a broiler to create a thin, crispy layer on top. The result is a delicious dessert with a smooth, creamy texture and a sweet, crunchy topping.


4 and 1/4 cups of milk (1 liter)6 egg yolks1 cup of sugar1/3 cup of cornstarch1 lemon (peel only)Sugar, to sprinkle
4 and 1/4 cups of milk (1 liter)6 egg yolks1 cup of sugar1/3 cup of cornstarch1 lemon (peel only)Sugar, to sprinkle
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  1. In a pan, pour the milk and strips of the lemon peel, bring to a boil and put aside.
  2. In a bowl, beat sugar with the cornstarch, add egg yolks and beat again.
  3. Add the milk and stir constantly until all the ingredients are well mixed.
  4. Return to heat, stirring constantly until thickened.
  5. Remove from heat, remove the lemon peel, put into individual bowls and let it cool.
  6. When serving, sprinkle with sugar and burn with a kitchen torch.
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