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This pumpkin jam (doce de abóbora) is simple to make and is a very tasty option to place on a slice of fresh bread or on a crispy toast.
Portuguese Pumpkin Jam Recipe
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Portuguese Pumpkin Jam Recipe

Portuguese Pumpkin Jam Recipe

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3.3 lbs of peeled and cleaned pumpkin3 and 1/3 cups of brown sugar2 cinnamon sticks1 teaspoon of vanilla extract3/4 cup of orange juice
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    1. In a pan place all the ingredients in layers (pumpkin first).
    2. Leave to cook for 1 hour over low heat until the mixture is dark.
    3. Remove the cinnamon sticks and blend with a hand blender.
    4. Allow it to cool and place the cjam in sterile jars.
    Recipe & Photo Credit: pingodoce.pt

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