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How to make the traditional Portuguese Christmas Eve cod dinner.
Portuguese Christmas Eve Cod Recipe
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How to make the traditional Portuguese Christmas Eve cod dinner.

Portuguese Christmas Eve Cod Recipe

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4 thick pieces of dried cod1 cabbage 4 chopped carrots8 potatoes4 eggs8 cloves of garlic, sliced finelyolive oil to tasteWine vinegar to taste

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  1. After soaking the thick pieces of dried salt cod for several hours to desalinate them, boil them for about 5 to 10 minutes (depending on size). In separate saucepans, boil the cabbage with the carrots in one pot and the potatoes in their skins and the eggs in their shells in the other pot.
  2. Meanwhile heat the olive oil with the garlic. Remove the garlic slices as soon as the oil begins to simmer. Add the vinegar and put in a sauceboat.
  3. When cooked and before serving, peel the potatoes and shell the hard-boiled eggs. Slice appropriately and arrange the fish, hard-boil eggs and vegetables on a plate.
  4. Serve immediately piping hot with a drizzle of olive oil (to taste).
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