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Monday, January 17, 2022
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How to make Portuguese Fried Deviled Eggs (Ovos verdes).
Preparation time:
15 min
Cooking Time:
20 min
Ready In:
35 min
Level of Difficulty:

Portuguese Fried Deviled Eggs Recipe - Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese Fried Deviled Eggs Recipe

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Posted in: Appetizer Recipes
Thu, Mar 24, 2016
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12 boiled eggs1 can tuna (drained)1 tbsp vinegar2 tbsp olive oil1 small onion dicedDiced parsley (to taste)Salt and pepper (to taste )1 egg1 cup flour1 tsp baking powder * Get Portuguese ingredients & stuff Get Portuguese ingredients and other stuff at Amazon.com


  1. Boil the eggs in salty water.
  2. Peel them and cut them in half.
  3. Take the yolks out.
  4. Mix all the ingredients with the egg yolks.
  5. Fill each half of the egg white with the mix.
  6. On the side set two bowls, one with the two slightly beaten eggs another with flour mix with banking powder.
  7. Dip eggs in flour then in egg and in flour again.
  8. Fry until golden brown.
Recipe & Photo Credit: cookpad.com
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