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How to make Portuguese fidalguinhos cookies.
Portuguese Fidalguinhos Cookies Recipe
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Portuguese Fidalguinhos Cookies Recipe

Portuguese Fidalguinhos Cookies Recipe

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2 and 1/3 cups of flour1/2 cup of sugar1/4 cup of butter2 eggs2 egg yolksZest of 1/2 lemon1 tea spoon of cinammon
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    1. Sieve the flour with the sugar and add the eggs, the egg yolks, the butter, the lemon zest and the cinammon and knead everything well.
    2. Let the dough to rest for about half an hour. 
    3. Preheat oven to 180°C or 350°F.
    4. Take a bit of dough and make a roll, than divide it in two and twist the two bits together.
    5. Repeat this step until you don't have any more dough so you can create several cookies.
    6. Put in a baking tray lined with paper and bake them until golden.
    Recipe & Photo Credit: Esterdrawingdreaming.blogspot.ca *

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