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Saturday, July 24, 2021
This delicious pastry is crusty and sweet with a hint of lemon on the outside, soft and eggy on the inside.
Preparation time:
25 min
Cooking Time:
30 min
Ready In:
55 min
Level of Difficulty:

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Portuguese Cavacas (Pastry) Recipe

Portuguese Cavacas (Pastry) Recipe

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Sat, Aug 6, 2016, 03:40
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2 cups of flour1 cup of oil8 eggs at room temp1⁄2 cup milkSugar Glaze:2 cups of confectioner’s sugarZest of one lemon6 tablespoons of milk
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    1. Preheat oven to 180°C or 350°F.
    2. Grease regular size muffin tins or popover tins.
    3. Using an electric mixer or stand mixer (on level 6) beat all ingredients for at least 20 minutes without stopping.  Fill the muffin or popover tins no more than half way.
    4. Place on the middle rack. For moist Cavacas, bake for about 45 minutes; for dry Cavacas bake for 1 hour.
    5. Combine all of the glaze ingredients and stir until smooth. 
    6. While the Cavacas are still warm, spoon the glaze over each one or just submerge each one in the glaze.
    7. Serve on the same day since they will dry even more for the following day.
    Recipe & Photo Credit: Thao, ingoodflavor.com *
    Adapted from Maria Lawton, author of Azorean Cooking


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