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This Summer treat is melt in your mouth goodness.
Portuguese Maria Cookies Ice-cream Cake Recipe
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Portuguese Maria Cookies Ice-cream Cake Recipe

Portuguese Maria Cookies Ice-cream Cake Recipe

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1 package of Maria cookies (7 oz)1 can of sweetened condensed milk1 pint of heavy whipping cream (very cold)2 cups of strong coffee (to submerge the cookies)
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    • Whisk the heavy cream with an electric mixer until the cream holds its shape.
    • Add the condensed milk and whisk just until combined.
    • In the meantime, prepare the coffee and let it cool down completely.
    • In a round pirex (around 9 cups) with cover (or other bakeware with lid and able to go to the freezer), start shaping the cake layer by layer.
    • In the bottom add some cream mixture.
    • Submerging the cookies one by one on the coffee for a couple of seconds (the cookie must keep its shape, just submerge to smooth it a little and get the coffee flavor), display them in a circle (one in center and others around) in the pan.
    • Repeat the procedure (1 layer of cream, another of cookies) until you run out of cream. The last layer should be cream.
    • Cover and freeze for 4 hours.
    • To serve, warm up the covered frozen pan in hot water to easily turn it upside down on a plate.
    Recipe & Photo Credit: Teresa, deliciouswordflux.com *

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