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Thursday, September 16, 2021
This is a short and simple delicious grape jam recipe.
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1 h 5 min
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Portuguese Grape Jam Recipe - Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese Grape Jam Recipe

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2 and 1/4 lbs of black grapes4 cups of water5 cups of sugar
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    1. In a saucepan , place the grapes and cover with water.
    2. In medium heat, cover the pan and cook until it boils.
    3. Pass through a sieve and squeeze the grapes to extract the juice (should yield about 6 1/2 cups).
    4. Pour the juice into the pot, add the sugar and stir well.
    5. Bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally, just until the sugar dissolves.
    6. Remove excess foam that forms on the surface.
    7. Continue cooking until it forms into a thick jam.
    8. Let it cool, transfer to glass jars and seal well.
    Recipe & Photo Credit: ideiasereceitas.com


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