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Saturday, September 25, 2021
This Portuguese spiritual cod recipe makes an unforgettable meal. Enjoy!
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55 min
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Portuguese Spiritual Cod Recipe - Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese Spiritual Cod Recipe

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Thu, Jun 1, 2017, 19:22
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4 Cod loins2 Onions1 Bay leaf8 Medium potatoes (for mashed potatoes)PicklesOlive oil (to taste)Vinegar (to taste)Mayonnaise (to taste)Salt (to taste)
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    1. Boil the poatoes.
    2. Cut the onions in half moons and place it in a pan with plenty of olive oil (should at least cover the onion), add a little vinegar, salt and bay leaf, cook well and set aside.
    3. Pass the cod on wheat flour and fry, drain well and reserve as well.
    4. Make the mashed potatoes.
    5. On a platter arrange a good layer of onion, place the cod loins in the center and the mashed potatoes puree on the sides.
    6. Over the cod add a little more onion, chop the small pickles and place them on top of the cod/onion, finish by spreading a little mayonnaise over the pickles and bake until it starts to get golden brown.


    Recipe & Photo Credit: cozinhadasmartinhas.blogspot.pt


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