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Saturday, September 25, 2021
This recipe combines beer and steak into one delicious combination with a fried egg on top and French fried potatoes on the side.
Preparation time:
15 min
Cooking Time:
40 min
Ready In:
55 min
Level of Difficulty:

Portuguese Steak with Beer Sauce Recipe - Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese Steak with Beer Sauce Recipe

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Tue, Oct 24, 2017, 17:31
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1 lb of thin cut veal or beef steaks1/2 cup of butter2 tablespoons of butter2 teaspoons of garlic puree2 bay leaves2 teaspoons of French classic mustard1 cup of beer1 cup of table cream4 eggs2 egg yolksSalt (to taste)Pepper (to taste)
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    1. Sprinkle the steaks on both sides with salt and pepper.
    2. Over medium to high heat, fry the steaks on both sides in a skillet with 2 tablespoons of butter (fry it from medium rare to medium well).
    3. Place steaks aside and keep them warm.
    4. In another skillet, heat half of the butter and the garlic puree until it turns light brown.
    5. Add remaining butter, the bay leaves and mustard and bring to a boil without stopping whisking.
    6. Add the beer and bring to a boil again to evaporate the alcohol (around 5 minutes boiling).
    7. Whisk the cream and egg yolks seasoned with salt and pepper and add it to the sauce.
    8. Turn the heat to low and keep whisking the sauce without stopping.
    9. Check seasoning, adding more salt and pepper if necessary.
    10. Turn off the heat when you get a homogenized sauce (do not overcook or you will get a sauce with small chunks of egg in it).
    11. Serve the steaks in deep warmed plates with plenty of sauce, the fried egg on top and some crispy french-fried potatoes on the side.
    Recipe & Photo Credit: sundayflavors.blogspot.ca


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