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Saturday, September 25, 2021
Serve these grilled Portuguese horse mackerel recipe (carapau grilhado) with a salad or some cooked vegetables.
Preparation time:
5 min
Cooking Time:
20 min
Ready In:
25 min
Level of Difficulty:
Very Easy

Portuguese Grilled Horse Mackerel Recipe - Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese Grilled Horse Mackerel Recipe

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6 fresh carapau (horse mackerel)SaltOlive oil1 lemon (optional)Parsley (optional)
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    1. Rinse the carapau under cool water to remove any loose scales and pat dry with paper towels.
    2. Place fish in a tray before seasoning.
    3. Sprinkle each side of fish with salt and drizzle with olive oil.
    4. Cover and set aside while you get the grill ready.
    5. Clean and oil the cooking grate.
    6. Build a hot fire for grilling using wood or charcoal, wait until the fire has died down to red hot coals before cooking over them.
    7. Lay the carapau (mackerel) on the oiled grill grate and cook for 4-10 minutes each side, depending on how big the fish are.
    8. When the mackerel are fully cooked, they will be firm and the meat inside will be opaque.
    9. Squeeze lemon juice on top and sprinkle with parsley.
    Recipe Credit: Rochelle Ramos
    Photo Credit: hiveminer.com


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