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Learn how to make Portuguese flame grilled sausage (Chouriço a Bombeiro), it is extremely easy.
Portuguese Flame Grilled Sausage (Chouriço a Bombeiro) Recipe
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Portuguese Flame Grilled Sausage (Chouriço a Bombeiro) Recipe

Portuguese Flame Grilled Sausage (Chouriço a Bombeiro) Recipe

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1 Whole Linquica or Chouriço Sausage2 – 4 oz Whole grain – Alcohol (Preferably Portuguese)1 Clay Piglet - Assador de ChouricoLong fireplace matches

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  • Wash and dry the Chouriço with paper towels. Place 2 oz of Alcohol in the bottom of the dish.
  • Make a few cuts into the top of the Chouriço and place on cooking dish.
  • Light a match and slowly light the alcohol.
  • Let the flames cook the Chouriço until crispy. *Caution* Do not touch flames
  • Turn the Chourico over to cook the other side if desired.
  • If the flames die out before the Chouriço is cooked, start the process over!
  • Remove the Chouriço onto a serving plate and serve in slices.
  • Serve with Portuguese crusty bread or papo-secos.
  • Enjoy!
Recipe Credit: Tia Maria's Blog, portuguesediner.com/tiamaria
Photo Credit: golisbon.com


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