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Thursday, September 16, 2021
These Portuguese fried pork chops ( costeletas de porco fritas) is one of the most popular dishes in Portuguese cuisine.
Preparation time:
2 h 15 min
Cooking Time:
25 min
Ready In:
2 h 40 min
Level of Difficulty:

Portuguese Fried Pork Chops Recipe - Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese Fried Pork Chops Recipe

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6 pork chops4 cloves of garlic1 bay leafLemon juice (to taste)Salt and pepper (to taste)Hot sauce (to taste)Olive oil to taste1 tablespoon of water
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    1. In a bowl, season the pork chops with the salt, pepper and hot sauce (to taste).
    2. Chop up the garlic and bay leaf and add to the bowl.
    3. Add the lemon juice to the seasoning and mix all the contents together, cover it, and let marinate for about 2 hours.
    4. After 2 hours, heat the olive oil in a frying pan.
    5. Add the pork chops to the pan and let them brown to a golden color and remove them.
    6. Now add the remainding marinade sauce from the bowl to the frying pan with the olive oil, the water and let it continue cooking until well done.

    NOTE: The sauce from the pan goes great when served with some rice or fried potatoes.

    Recipe Credit: easyportugueserecipes.com
    Photo Credit: asminhasreceitas.com


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