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Thursday, September 16, 2021
This Portuguese peas with poached eggs recipe (receita de ervilhas com ovos escalfados) is very easy to prepare and makes a great meal.
Preparation time:
10 min
Cooking Time:
20 min
Ready In:
30 min
Level of Difficulty:
Very Easy

Portuguese Peas with Poached Eggs Recipe - Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese Peas with Poached Eggs Recipe

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Sat, Feb 9, 2019, 21:38
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1 lb of frozen peas2 tablespoons of olive oil1/4 lb of bacon1/4 lb of chouriço, chopped1 onion, chopped7 cloves of garlic, chopped2 ripe tomato, cut into cubes1 teaspoon of salt4 large eggsPepper (to taste)Coriander (to taste), chopped
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    1. Put the peas in water to thaw.
    2. Heat the olive oil in a saucepan, add the striped bacon and cook it.
    3. Add  the chouriço, onion and garlic cloves.
    4. Saute for about 5 minutes.
    5. Add the tomatoes and the peas, cover the pan and cook for another 5 minutes.
    6. Season with salt and stir.
    7. Crack the eggs into the pan.
    8. Cook the eggs a little, but make sure the yolk does not solidify.
    9. Remove from the heat, sprinkle with a little pepper and the coriander and serve immediately.
    Recipe & Photo Credit: pingodoce.pt


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    Holly Harrington
    Holly Harrington - 2021-09-10 12:40:52
    I grew up in Fall River MA and my grandmother used to make something much like this but it was a soup. Oh, and don't let the Irish last name fool you, my grandmother was 100% Azorean Portugese ! Have you ever seen a soup recipe? Grandma didn't work and play well with others in the kitchen. We have no recipes of hers. I love this site for that reason!

    That is great to hear Holly, most Portuguese grandmothers don't get along with others in the kitchen for the most part lol, it's their way or no way lol, I don't know if we have the soup, we do have a few pea stews, please use the search option at the top of the page, have a great day.
    5 Days ago, Sat, Sep 11, 2021, 17:57:47 (+0) (-0)
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