Thursday, June 30, 2022

A Tourist Guide to Madeira Portugal [Video]

Madeira Island - Caught in the warm trade winds of the North Atlantic, visitors here are spoiled with dramatic cliffs and coastal charm.


Pushed up by volcanic forces from the seafloor, Madeira Island is a wonderful vacation destination. Volcanic activity settled millennia ago, yet the island’s rich soils and spring climate means Madeira explodes in lush vegetation all year round.

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Mon, Mar 7, 2022
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Maria Pimenta
Maria Pimenta - 4 Months ago
So Beautiful Such a pleasure to see. I was born in Funchal and it's has been 30 years since I was there. But no matter where i live and for how long Madeira will always be my home. Hope someday I will make it back. Thank you again for such a memorable video ❤
Maybe it's about time you start planning on going back for a visit Maria, it's been 30 years for me too since I went back to my home (The Azores).
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