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Top 5 Tastiest Portuguese Desserts

Tue, Aug 31, 2021
Views: 7357 Top 5 Tastiest Portuguese Desserts
This list of the top 5 Portuguese desserts was compiled by Michael Costa according to his individual taste, don't count the calories lol.

1) Portuguese Pineapple Pudding Recipe

Once you start eating this Portuguese pineapple pudding (pudim de ananás), you won't be able to stop.


2) Portuguese Bread Pudding Recipe

This Portuguese bread pudding (pudim de pão) is delicious, it has a chewy texture and a well browned crust, served warm, topped with a scoop of ice cream.


3) Portuguese Bolas de Berlim Recipe

These Portuguese donuts are irresistible! Bola de Berlim, also known as a Berliner, is a Portuguese version of a doughnut that is often served beach-side on the mainland. 


4) Portuguese Custard Tarts Recipe

Portuguese custard tarts (pastéis de nata) are well known around the world for their crispy pastry and heavenly tasty filling.


5) Portuguese Carob Brownies Recipe

The result of this Portuguese carob brownies recipe is a delightfully sweet and uniquely tasting brownie that is easily on par, if not better than your average brownie.


This list was compiled by: Michael Costa


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Maria - 2 years ago
Do you use the juice from can of pineapple
No, just the slices.
2 years ago